About us

How change happens


Some of the most powerful work for change begins where you live. PeoplesHub is a new nonprofit that offers live, interactive trainings and workshops to build community power and make your grassroots work more effective. We believe that real change can only happen when everyday people come together in their communities — especially in the most marginalized areas throughout the country. PeoplesHub trainers bring their own experience and draw on your local know-how to build the skills your group needs. You’ll learn strategies, acquire tools, and find answers to your questions about how to make change. These interactive trainings are designed to support you in bringing about a more just, sustainable, and compassionate world. We believe that our best hope is not in big national or international groups telling us what to do. The deep change we need will come from the grassroots and spread, community to community, town to city, and city to town.




We want to be part of creating a society in which all people are valued and all have a place, and one in which the natural world is protected for our children and grandchildren. We believe in a more equitable society, and we recognize that some in our communities have been especially harmed by poverty, racism, and violence – particularly people of color, women and children. We believe we can all be part of righting wrongs. PeoplesHub will not come into your neighborhood to tell you what to do. If you agree with our basic values – inclusion, equity, care for the natural world, nonviolence — we’re here to support you in accomplishing your goals. Because we believe that working together we have the best hope for changing the world for the better.




PeoplesHub was started by Sarah van Gelder, founding editor of YES! Magazine, after she returned from a 12,000-mile solo road trip visiting struggling towns and cities around the United States. That trip showed her the power of grassroots action, and inspired her book, The Revolution Where You Live.


Sarah identified these barriers to effective change:


-A meeting so boring you wanted to tear your hair out …

-Conflict that exhausted everyone …

-Lack of focus and nothing gets done …


Skills and tools make a difference. It’s not rocket science, but we’re not born knowing how to deal with conflict or to join up with people who are different from us.


Other barriers include:


-The isolation that cuts us off from the support of our community.

-Lack of confidence, because we believe we aren’t up to the challenge or that others could do it better.


A group of extraordinary people made up of some of the nation’s leading trainers, organizers, and leaders came together to create PeoplesHub. These Advisors and Core Team members live and work in communities from Puerto Rico to Detroit, Washington, DC., to Appalachia, Seattle to Hawaii. They all are committed to supporting you in making change where you live.


Our Intent


PeoplesHub helps you build skills for making change, and encourages you to step up with confidence, to join with others in creating change. Because we really are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We do this by providing:


PeoplesHub Core Trainings – Learn together with others in your community how to find your power, deepen your sense of community, get creative, have wonderful meetings, get clear on your vision and plans, and support each other in making change where you live. This is a six-part series; you can take the whole series or sign-up for one training at a time. Get together with your group, or call together some friends, and get in touch with us to arrange your training. Our trainers will meet you online to take you through interactive work that will have you skilled up and finding your power.


PeoplesHub Workshops – Guest trainers and organizers from around the country offer workshops in topics ranging from meditation to nonviolence. You can sign up on your own, or as a group, but each person logs on from their own computer.

We recommend you start with PeoplesHub core trainings. You’ll learn how to work together effectively, support each other, make decisions, and resolve problems as they come up.

Next you might take workshops that are focused on your particular goals.


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How do you get started?


You can learn at PeoplesHub either with a group or by yourself. All you’ll need is a computer and an internet connection.


PeoplesHub Core Trainings — for groups: Whether you are part of an established group or have a couple of friends who share your worries and hopes, you can sign up for PeoplesHub Core Trainings. Designed to get you up on your feet, interacting, building skills and teamwork, these trainings were created by the PeoplesHub team to build powerful, creative, connected groups. Take the training that best fits your needs, or take the whole six-course series.


PeoplesHub Workshops — for individuals: If you prefer to sign up for  a course by yourself, check out the PeoplesHub workshops. The PeoplesHub Workshops are special offerings from movement leaders that give you new skills for you to immediately apply in your community. Meet some of  the most skilled organizers and practitioners we know. Join by yourself, from wherever you are, or invite friends to sign up for the same workshop.  


The PeoplesHub mentors or trainers don’t have to travel to where you live. They could be anywhere – the power of the internet can bring them close by, where they can work with you to help you get skilled up, to solve problems, to get clear on your next steps. The online connection keeps costs lower, too. All PeoplesHub offerings are charged on a sliding scale.


These aren’t boring webinars where you sit by yourself listening to an expert talk. You won’t have to read lengthy articles. This is about hands-on learning, problem solving together, and applying tools and models from other communities to your city or town.


What will it cost?


We ask participants to pitch in what they can afford based on a sliding scale of $200-$600 for a group training, or $40-$100 for our individual workshops. If cost is a significant barrier, contact us so we can talk about how to make the trainings happen.


We will use the funds you pay to compensate trainers.


Our donations and grants pay for the website, staffing, curriculum development, and outreach.


We at PeoplesHub strive to ensure that every offering, from our trainings and workshops to our circles and all communications, expresses the values and principles of our organization and the world we are striving for. With that understanding, there is not a 100% guarantee that this will always be the case because we have no control over what our presenters, especially our guest facilitators, will communicate. If one of the presenters or trainers says something that you feel does not reflect the values and principles of PeoplesHub or hits you the wrong way, please reach out to us so we can work as a team to ensure that our values and principles are better reflected in our offerings. Thank you. 

“Our goal is to create a beloved community and this will require a qualitative change in our souls as well as a quantitative change in our lives.”

– Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

“Let us love a place because we are creating it. Let us love a world worthy of a child’s eyes.”

– adrienne maree brown

“All politics is local.”

– Rep. Tip O'Neill