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Dreaming and Scheming

Group Vision, Purpose, and Goals

2.5 Hours

Make It Real, Part A: Turn Dreams into Strategies

Make It Real, Part A: Turn Dreams into Strategies

Find the right strategies to make change where you live. You will start by mapping power in your community, and identifying the power your group already has.

Make it Real, Part B: Objectives, Tactics, and Timelines

Make it Real, Part B: Objectives, Tactics, and Timelines

Create objectives and explore a wide range of tactics, and choose ones that fit with your values, your group, and your community.

Sample Courses

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“Our goal is to create a beloved community ...”

— Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.

"In this moment of upheaval, the PeoplesHub will provide new activists with the political grounding and skills to advance our movement for justice."

— LeeAnn Hall,
co-director, People’s Action

“We need a way to nationally weave these quiet revolutionary efforts together and build all of our capacities to reclaim our humanity and our democracy. PeoplesHub has the intention, the talent and the will to do this.”

- Peter Block, consultant and author of
Community: The Structure of Belonging

“The current schisms and divides in the country are a deep sickness, and PeoplesHub is medicine for what is ailing us.”

— Akaya Windwood, President of Rockwood Institute

“This is an extraordinary time. So many want to take action, make a difference and be effective. This training can provide support, community, and strategic direction for how to have impact.”

— Heather Booth, founder of the Midwest Academy

“At the core of great movements is ALOHA (love); it is important that we remember and practice this as we develop the PeoplesHub.”

- Puanani Burgess, Native Hawaiian
trainer, consultant, and poet

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