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Zionism as a Colonial Movement (Part 1 & 2)

This is a two-part workshop to discuss the colonial history of Zionism. In part 1, we will look at the writings of the founder of the Zionist movement, and analyze the role Zionism has played as an extension of Western imperialism in the Arab region. The second part of our workshop series will dive into the modern myths about Zionism and Israel, utilizing the ‘thawabet’ to ground our analysis.


There are 1-2 readings per workshop that should be read beforehand + we will pull excerpts from during the workshop itself, as well as 1-2 supplementary resources.



Part 1: Danya Zituni (she/her) and Gloria Imseih Petrelli (she/her) 


Part 2: Husam Marajda (he/him) and Sarah Risheq (they/them)

Training Length and Type:


2 hours per session


Connect as an individual

Workshop Offered:


Part 1: Sunday, April 11 from 11am-1pm PDT/ 1-3pm CDT/ 2-4pm EDT




Part 2: Sunday, April 18 from 11am-1pm PDT/ 1-3pm CDT/ 2-4pm EDT

This training is ideal for:


Anyone who is interested in learning more about the history of Zionism and how Zionism affects us today. Anyone who is willing to apply their knowledge to challenge Zionism in their own communities.

Training Outcomes:


Participants will leave with an understanding of:

  • A historical analysis of Zionism as a colonial movement
  • How Zionism has a global impact, including the role of Zionism in the wider Arab region as a central pillar of Imperialism
  • The importance of centering Palestinian and Arab anti-imperialist analysis to defeat Zionism
  • Zionism’s impacts the Social Justice work that participants are doing and how to take action against it
  • The ability to dispel commonly used arguments in support of Zionism debunk  Zionist myths

What do you do to prepare?


Please choose a location with a strong internet connection, where you are able to share and listen comfortably. You’ll need a laptop or desktop computer, with video and headphones.


Also, please review existing materials for Part 1 and prepare materials for Part 2. View/Download here.



Access requests can be made during registration or by emailing Dustin Gibson at, including interpreters and captioners.



All proceeds from this series go to support USPCN.


Choose what to pay, starting at $20. The true cost of this workshop is $50/person, which allows us to continue offering programs like this one and pay trainers a fair wage for their time and expertise. Like you, our trainers work hard for change in their communities and have often developed the knowledge, skill and gifts that they are offering through many unpaid hours — let’s support them to be sustainable in their work and craft!

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Dustin Gibson


Danya Zituni

Danya Zituni is a member of the USPCN-Detroit chapter and chair of the Political Education Committee. She is an illustrator, printmaker, and fine arts student.

Dustin Gibson

Gloria Imseih Petrelli

Gloria Imseih Petrelli is a Chicago-born and based organizer, actor, and writer. She spends her days working with theatre companies across Chicago and working for Palestinian and collective liberation as the Co-Chair of the US Palestinian Community Network in Chicago.

Dustin Gibson

Husam Marajda

Husam Marajda is the co-chair of USPCN-Chicago chapter. He is a member of the Students for Justice in Palestine – Chicago’s advisory committee.

Dustin Gibson

Sarah Risheq

Sarah Risheq is an organizer, poet, and writer. They currently archive Palestinian social history &  ancestral healing practices in Jordan.

Dustin Gibson

USPCN is a national, Palestinian, and Arab led community-based organization founded in 2006 to revitalize grassroots organizing in the Palestinian community in the U.S. We use the ‘thawabet’ as our guiding principles: self-determination and equality for the Palestinian people; the right of all Palestinian refugees, and their descendants, to return to their original homes and lands in historic Palestine; and ending Zionist occupation and colonization of all Palestinian and Arab lands.