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Writing the Evolution: Rituals for Narrative Liberation

This intensive series pushes the boundaries of writing to encourage participants to manifest everyday rituals that cultivate spaces of radical imagination, personal, and collective creative emancipation. “Writing the Evolution” is about self-care and sustaining a personal creative practice. It’s about taking yourself seriously and writing a new story for your life and your future. It’s about exploration and experimentation; about starting a new chapter and trying something new. If you have been working on your chapbook, bring your poems. If you have been working on a novel, bring a chapter. If you want to develop a personal journaling practice, this is a place. If you don’t know why you are showing up, that’s ok! Join us for the journey. Our time together isn’t about product. We won’t have a show. We won’t produce a chapbook. We will support each other in developing an internal spiritual connection to voice and possibility.

Be prepared to teach and be prepared to grow!

Trainer: Ebony Noelle GoldenBetty’s Daughter Arts Collaborative, LLC

Training Length and Type:

Four 120-minute sessions — Connect as an individual


Please register for the whole series and plan on attending all four workshops.

Workshops Offered:


Session 1: Writing as Ritual – December 2 2-4pm PT / 4-6pm CT / 5-7pm ET

What does it mean to radically imagine your future from a place of power and vision? In this session, we will engage writing prompts that explore the power of writing and discuss the ways in which writing is an integral component of liberation and wellness rituals.


Session 2: Writing on the Edge – December 9 2-4pm PT / 4-6pm CT / 5-7pm ET

What are you too afraid to write? Do you back away from writing the reality you really want to live?  In this session, we will explore the relationship between risk and writing, and collectively practice what it feels like to say the hard thing in support of personal evolution.


Session 3: Writing and the Radical Imagination – December 13 2-4pm PT / 4-6pm CT / 5-7pm ET

Radical imagination is the soul partner of root transformation. In this session, we will dive deep into the barriers blocking personal and collective transformation, and activate writing experiments that support one’s ability to imagine wildly.


Session 4: Voicing Vision, Voicing Victory – December 16 2-4pm PT / 4-6pm CT / 5-7pm ET

How do you lean into the transformative possibilities for your life and your community?  What is the role of writing in manifesting these visions and possibilities? In this session, we will explore the power of creatively imagining and writing a vision for collective liberation.

This training is ideal for:

Anyone who wants to deepen and expand a practice of writing, awaken creativity, and cultivate awareness and personal power.  You don’t have to be a writer, an artist, or a creative. Come and explore.

Training Outcomes

You’ll come away with:

  • A re-invigorated writing practice
  • New writing rituals for self-care and personal power
  • Strategies for activating writing rituals in your community

What do you do to prepare?

Please choose a location with a strong internet connection, where you are able to speak and listen comfortably. You’ll need a laptop or desktop computer, and headphones.


CostPeoplesHub is committed to making trainings accessible, regardless of ability to pay. Our Workshop Trainers are some of the most experienced trainers and organizers who, like you, are working hard for change in their communities. In order to offer trainers fair compensation, the real cost of a PH workshop is $40/person. Please pay what you can afford starting at $120 for the full 8-hour series. Thanks for your support! We are committed to making these trainings accessible to all. If cost is a barrier, please email to request a scholarship.

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Trainer: Ebony Noelle Golden

Ebony Noelle Golden is an artist, scholar, and culture strategist from Houston, Texas, now living and working in New York City. As an artist, she stages site-specific rituals and live art performances that profoundly explore the complexities of freedom in the time of now. She lectures on contemporary black feminist, womanist, and experimental theatre of the African diaspora at The New School.

Her current creative work, 125th & FREEdom, is a public performance art project consisting of curated community events and a durational public performance comprised of ten interactive choreopoetic rituals staged along 125th Street between the Harlem and Hudson Rivers. The work is slated for a spring 2019 world premiere in NYC.

As a strategist, Ebony co-creates and powers holistic, results-oriented strategies for social impact with some of the boldest and most insightful artists and institutions in the country.