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Learning the Land: Connecting with the Plants Around Us


Plants are food, medicine, fiber, friends. Almost all of the plants we call weeds, are incredibly good food and medicine. Let’s get to know plants that grow near us and their many beneficial uses. 


We can build a connection to the land as part of our learning to be in a just relationship with the environment, the people around us, and the histories of the places we inhabit.  Even in urban environments we are surrounded by free food and medicine, and there are simple steps we can take to get to know our local flora. By tending and using these plants – the wild weeds, forests and intentional gardens – we can build interdependence, resilience and community.  


We will practice identifying the four most common plant families and discuss simple ways to use them in your daily life, as food or teas. Participants will be invited to explore their neighborhood and find plants in their surroundings during our time together, which will try to identify together. 



Catherine Klebl

Training Length and Type:


Two Hours per session


Connect as an individual

Workshop Offered:


Thursday September 26th


From 4-6pm PST / 6-8pm CT / 7-9pm EST

This training is ideal for:


Anyone interested in connecting more deeply with the plants in their area and learning to tend them and use them for food or medicine.

Training Outcomes


By the end of this training, participants will:


  • Connect with the land they are on and the plants that grow near them
  • Be able to identify 4 of the most common plant families, in order to determine what can be used as food or medicine
  • Learn skills for using local flora as food or medicine
  • A deeper understanding of their local ecology and practices for restoration
  • Cultivate awe, wonder and connection 

What do you do to prepare?


Our workshops are participatory. We do not offer workshop participants recordings because of the intimate nature of our online workshop style. Your participation is an important part of the community learning process, so please join us for the live workshop.


Choose a location with a strong internet connection, where you are able to speak and listen comfortably. You’ll need a laptop or desktop computer, and headphones.




This training is offered by one of our developing trainers, and will be an opportunity for her to test new content online.

Choose what to pay, starting at $10. The true cost of this workshop is $40/person, which allows us to continue offering programs like this one and pay trainers a fair wage for their time and expertise. Like you, our trainers work hard for change in their communities and have often developed the knowledge, skill and gifts that they are offering through many unpaid hours — let’s support them to be sustainable in their work and craft!

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Catherine Klebl

Catherine is an herbalist and mother and a trainer with PeoplesHub. She has lived in the Pacific Northwest for over 20 years. Her connection with plants started as a young child in the countryside in Germany where she climbed trees and listened to the flowers. She has since then tended gardens, filled her home with overflowing shelves of house plants and studied permaculture, clinical western herbalism and explored the mountains of Oregon and Peru connecting with the wild plants and the spirits of the land. 


She is passionate about helping people re-awaken their connection with the earth, our oneness as peoples of the world, our responsibility as tenders of the land and the great rewards that come from working with plants.