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Open House — Building Power to Win: Elections and Beyond Leadership Cohort


Starting in March, PeoplesHub and Spirit in Action is launching a 9 month electoral leadership cohort. Join us to learn more about this program. 


Why are we doing this? In the past year we witnessed numerous powerful progressive wins in historically red districts from Kentucky to Virginia, in large part because of deep and long-term community organizing connected to electoral campaigns. There is tremendous possibility to influence change when we organize to harness the power of our communities to win electoral power and build self-governance. How do we leverage this political moment to build power for our community organizing so that our wins aren’t just a flash in the pan, but serve long-term transformation and power-building? Join us for a 9-month leadership cohort for electoral organizers working on local and state-wide campaigns. 


This 9-month leadership cohort will create long-term leadership infrastructure that builds power within disenfranchised communities, to put grassroots folks in top positions and hold our public officials accountable.  Building off trainer’s Linda Stout and Kierra Sim’s decades of experience in civic engagement, rural organizing, and facilitation, this cohort will focus on a relational model of organizing that creates a multiplier effect – scaling your base for electoral wins and long-term power in your community. 


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Kierra Sims and Linda Stout (Spirit in Action & PeoplesHub)

Training Length and Type:


60 minutes per session


Connect as an individual

Workshop Offered:


Tuesday, February 11th


From 4-5pm PST/ 6-7pm CST/ 7-8pm EST




Thursday, February 13th


From 10-11am PST/ 12-1pm CST/ 1-2pm EST

This training is ideal for:


Organizers and leaders working on electoral campaigns, particularly focused on folks in rural areas and disenfranchised communities.  We highly recommend two people from each organization or campaign join together.

Training Outcomes:


Participants will learn more about the 9-month leadership cohort.


Throughout the program, you will gain:

  • Actionable skills to strengthen electoral campaigns
  • A significant increase in voter engagement for your campaign 
  • A deep community of practice, learning and support 
  • Coaching and peer support through organizing challenges 
  • Leadership development for your campaign and beyond

What do you do to prepare?


Please choose a location with a strong internet connection, where you are able to share and listen comfortably. You’ll need a laptop or desktop computer, with video and headphones.



These intro sessions are free!

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Linda Stout

Linda is an activist and a visionary working against injustice within her world, her country, and her community. She is the Founder and Executive Director of Spirit in Action, which seeks out transformative tools, models, and resources for building a powerful and visionary progressive movement. She was the Executive Director of the Peace Development Fund, a public foundation supporting social justice organizations, and the Founder and Executive Director of the Piedmont Peace Project, an organization committed to drawing leadership from poor and working-class communities. Linda is the author of two books, Bridging the Class Divide and Collective Visioning. She has given over 600 lectures, sermons, and workshops, run campaigns and been involved in rural organizing and civic engagement for the last 36 years in an effort to use her voice to unite change-makers and create a just world.

Kierra Sims

Kierra Sims brings over a decade of experience as a youth organizer in the U.S. South and central Appalachia, focusing on the school to prison pipeline, introducing restorative practices to young people, and creating a just transition away from a coal dependent economy. She is a facilitator, movement builder, and educator that is dedicated to moving resources to radical, imaginative ideas. She thrives off of creating space for people to share, connect, and build together.


In 2017, Kierra travelled to Nepal, Jordan, and Chile, as Trustees Fellow with IHP Human Rights, where she learned from folks building and embodying solidarity economy principles as a form of resistance and an offering of love to the land and their ancestors. From 2014-2017, she served on the Education Team at Highlander Research and Education Center in New Market, TN where she played an anchoring role in both the Appalachian Transition Fellowship and the Seeds of Fire program. She is a member of Alternate ROOTS and serves on the advisory board of Power U Center for Social Change. Kierra earned a Bachelor’s degree in Religion from Wofford College while studying the role of the church in social movements.