Make It Real, Part A:

Turn Dreams into Strategies

In this 2.5 hour training, you’ll work with others in your community to find the right strategies to make change where you live. You will start by mapping power in your community, and identifying the power your group already has. Then your group will assess what strategies are working and determine new strategies and approaches for even greater effectiveness. Finally, we will explore how to build Resistance, Resilience, Restoration and Reimagination into your thinking and planning.

Trainer: (TBD)

Training Length

2.5 hours (not including set-up time)

Available dates

Available now! Contact us to set a date and time that works for all.


If you take ‘Part A’ and ‘Part B’ together, total time is 5 hours. We recommend building in a lunch or dinner break!

Our trainer will meet you online, and take you through a process that will help you get clear. Come prepared to share your stories and ideas — the wisdom and experience you already have in your group is the foundation.

This training is ideal for:

Groups of 5 to 40 that are working together locally — both new and established groups.

Training Outcomes

By the end of this training, you will have:

  • Creative tools and practices for imagining what is possible
  • A shared sense of what your group has to offer and what you want to accomplish
  • Tools for evaluating the effectiveness of your current strategies and imagininging new approaches
  • A first draft purpose statement for your group
  • Next steps you can take to build collective power


PeoplesHub is committed to making trainings accessible, regardless of ability to pay. We are also dedicated to fair compensation for our trainers, who, like you, have worked hard for change in their communities. We use a sliding scale of $200 – $600 per training to ensure our trainings are accessible to groups with a wide range of resources, and to allow folks to “pay it forward” so that other groups may experience high-quality training at a lower cost.

If cost is a significant barrier for your group, please contact us and we can talk about how to make your training happen.  

What do you do to prepare?

Please choose one or two people to work with the trainer on setting a time, establishing an internet link, and managing the space where you’ll meet.


You’ll just need a place to gather; a laptop, tablet, or phone; and an adventurous spirit! Maybe some popcorn.