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Joy Sanctuary – Part of a Mini-Retreat Series for BIPOC: Embracing Our Inner Achillea (Yarrow) for Healing and Resiliency in These Times

Yarrow grows in North America, Asia, and Europe.  The Latin name Achillea for Yarrow comes from the mythical Greek warrior Achilles, who was said to have used this plant to heal soldiers wounded in war.  Yarrow leaves and flowers support with blood moving, finding balance in the body, is antimicrobial, alleviates digestion, symptoms of cold/flu, reduces inflammation and more.  Yarrow’s roots are deep and support the cleansing of soil.  Yarrow is drought resistant and attracts beneficial insects for gardens and pollination. Yarrow is a plancestor that embodies healing and resilience for our spirits, hearts, bodies, minds, and soil. 


How do find our teachers in our midst and learn to embody their teachings with our lives?  Following in the example of Yarrow, we invite you to join members of Healing by Choice! for mini-retreats to restore balance within ourselves; deepen our roots; tap into the teachers and waters within ourselves; and reflect and heal in community.  We will use interactive practices that engage the whole person (spiritual, physical, emotional, and intellectual), to tap into what we already know, and invite our collective wisdom as our teachers.  Each mini-retreat can be joined as an individual session, or join us for the full series to grow your own and your communities’ tools for healing and resiliency. 


Healing by Choice! Is a women and gender non conforming community of health and healing practitioners based in Michigan and centered on Detroit.  We strive to support ourselves and our communities to remember our own healing capabilities and to grow our communities resilience through shared resources and practice.  We learn and source our work from the healing justice framework. As named by Cara Page and Kindred Southern Healing Justice Collective,  “healing justice…identifies how we can holistically respond to and intervene on generational trauma and violence, and to bring collective practices that can impact and transform the consequences of oppression on our bodies, hearts and minds.


December: Joy Sanctuary:

In this session, participants are invited to join a safe space to experience a guided meditation that helps restore Joy and Safety through memory recall. Collaboratively, participants will also help build a Joy and  Safety Resource Kit, aimed at equipping participants with spiritual and emotional remedies for their everyday and immediate use.

*This is part of a monthly series of BIPOC workshops led by Healing By Choice. Join us for one, two or all of these workshops. The whole series includes:


December: Joy Sanctuary

January:  Water The Universal Healer

Feb:  Earth Body: Somatic & Meditative Practices to Root & Nourish Our Spirit

March: Our Sacred Plant Teachers and Allies: A Journey into the Spirit-Wisdom of Plants and the Earth





Raven Martin and Janice Gates

Length and Type:


2 hours per session


Connect as an individual



Wednesday, December 9th

From 1-3pm PST/ 3-5pm CST/ 4-6pm EST

This Offering is ideal for:


People who identify as Indigenous, Black, Asian, Middle Eastern, and Latinx.



Participants will leave feeling more grounded, centered, and connected.

What do you do to prepare?   Please choose a location with a strong internet connection, where you are able to share and listen comfortably. You’ll need a laptop or desktop computer, with video and headphones.
Cost: Choose what to pay, starting at $20. The true cost of this workshop is $50/person, which allows us to continue offering programs like this one and pay trainers a fair wage for their time and expertise. Like you, our trainers work hard for change in their communities and have often developed the knowledge, skill and gifts that they are offering through many unpaid hours — let’s support them to be sustainable in their work and craft!

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Raven Martin

Raven Martin is an ancestor in practice whose known primary modalities of healing are community rooted service, energy work, and creative business analysis.  She has her B.A in Media Arts (double minor Photography + Journalism). Raven is a Reiki I practitioner, mediator and emotional support guide.

Janice Gates

Janice Gates enjoys reading anything soulful and metaphysical. Janice came into the practice of healing after a session where she learned about the practice of healing, chakra alignment, meditation, and how our beliefs impact our energetic signature. After attending a summer solstice gathering she decided to learn more about her abilities and the process of energy healing. As a Black Queer woman, she has worked to overcome her feelings of isolation, depression, and anxiety.  By day, Janice is the Director of the Equitable Internet Initiative, a program of the Detroit Community Technology Project. Janice is a graduate of Donna Lakes Healer Program, where she learned how to identify, disprove and dismantle beliefs, heal the inner child, integrate all parts of the client, and move through the ascension process.