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Dismantling Corporate Rule: First Steps

“We are not here to seize power, but to exercise it.” This teaching of the Zapatista movement is at the heart of the Community Rights Movement. This interactive workshop is an introduction to the Community Rights movement–reestablishing and reclaiming the right of The People to make critical decisions for themselves and create legal protections from corporate and governmental harm. The framework is restoration–not resistance–and will introduce participants to how We the People can reclaim our power, and shift our paradigm. Folks are asked to listen to this 3-hour audio course at their leisure before participating in the live workshop.*

*Please understand that this webinar is just a teaser towards a much more comprehensive weekend training for those who want to go deeper with this groundbreaking strategy.

Trainer: Paul Cienfuegos, national leader in the Community Rights movement with 20 years of experience as a teacher and organizer

Training Length and Type:

120 minutes — Connect as an individual

Workshop Offered:

Wednesday January 9 at 6pm PT / 8pm CT / 9pm ET

Tuesday January 22 at 3pm PT / 5pm CT / 6pm ET

This training is ideal for:

People who are currently active in trying to stop or ameliorate the harms that will be caused (or are already being caused) by harmful (but entirely legal) corporate behavior – GMO agriculture, pipelines, factory farms, big box stores, toxic manufacturing or waste management facilities, clearcut logging, etc.

Training Outcomes

You’ll come away with:

  • A new understanding of the history and root causes of the rise of corporate power (via their constitutional so-called “rights”) and corporate usurpation of our democratic authority to govern ourselves
  • More clarity on the severe local impact of corporate constitutional “rights” in every community, and how conventional existing single-issue urgent response activism could be reframed to be much more effective
  • New thinking about what is the proper relationship between We the People and our subordinate corporate and governmental institutions
  • A stronger desire to decolonize your mind and language from the firm grip of corporate culture
  • New tools to help you consider launching a Community Rights local ordinance campaign in your community or county

What do you do to prepare?

Please choose a location with a strong internet connection, where you are able to speak and listen comfortably. You’ll need a laptop or desktop computer, and headphones.


CostPeoplesHub is committed to making trainings accessible, regardless of ability to pay. Our Workshop Trainers are some of the most experienced trainers and organizers who, like you, are working hard for change in their communities. In order to offer trainers fair compensation, the real cost of a PH workshop is $40/person. Please pay what you can afford. Our goal is to ensure our trainings are accessible and to allow folks to “pay it forward.” Thanks for your support! We look forward to learning with you.

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Trainer: Paul Cienfuegos

Paul Cienfuegos is a national leader in the Community Rights movement, which works to dismantle corporate constitutional so-called “rights” and assert the people’s inherent right to govern themselves. He has been leading workshops across the US since 1995. David Barsamian’s internationally syndicated show ‘Alternative Radio’ has broadcast five of his speeches. Launched in October 2017, Paul is the founding director of Community Rights US. He lives in Portland, Oregon.