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Becoming Transformation: Activist Theology for Our Times


Our current political moment is laying bare the structures of our society that upholds the inequities of white supremacy culture. We are presented with the question, “Will I join in the work of transformation, or will I rest on the sidelines of complacency?” In this kick off circle to the Activist Theology book club, we will discuss what it means to move beyond complacency as people of faith, and begin to see theology as a practice of dismantling white supremacy culture in the world and in ourselves. This interactive conversation will be followed by a book club to delve deeper into the book, Activist Theology. 


In this searing and personal book, intellectual activist and theologian Robyn Henderson-Espinoza bridges the gap between academia and activism, bringing the wisdom of the streets into the work of scholarship, all for the sake of political liberation and social change for marginalized communities. This is an invitation–a powerful and provocative call-to-action–to academic theologians to the work of social activism through movement building. Activist Theology summons all to take up radical acts of labor that uses scholarship and contemplation to build bridges with difference and make connections of solidarity, rooted in collective action. This is a key step forward in the contemporary conversation about theology and social action and will be essential reading for all those who want to see theology and ethics break new ground in the work of justice, hope, and liberation for all.

Presented by PeoplesHub and the Activist Theology Project

Moderator: Joe Tolbert Jr. (PeoplesHub/Art at the Intersections)


Speaker and Author: Dr. Robyn Henderson-Espinoza

Length and Type:


90 minutes per session


Connect as an individual

Book Club Discussion Sessions:



August 4th

August 18th

September 1st

September 15th

September 29th

October 6th

October 20th

November 3rd


From 4-5:30pm PT/ 6-7:30pm CT/ 7-8:30pm ET

This Offering is ideal for:


  • Faith leaders
  • Activists
  • Organizers
  • People who want to explore the intersection of faith/spirituality and social justice



Participants will leave with an understanding of:

  • What activist theology is, and its importance for this political moment.
  • The power of storytelling in movement work.
  • The work of re-storying ourselves for radical social change.

What do you do to prepare?


Please choose a location with a strong internet connection, where you are able to share and listen comfortably. You’ll need a phone, laptop or desktop computer, with video and headphones.


We will send you a recording of the circle as part of your registration.


For the online book club, you will need to purchase the book Activist Theology. Buy the book here!



Free or by donation. Donations support us to offer more of these kinds of offerings. Our offerings are typically sliding scale from $20-$50.




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Moderator: Joe Tolbert Jr. 


Joe T. is a minister, scholar, writer and cultural organizer whose work is at the intersections of art, culture, spirituality and social justice. He received his B.S. in Communications from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, and completed his M.Div. with a concentration in Social Ethics from Union Theological Seminary in the city of New York. Joe is a sought after facilitator and cultural strategist that works with communities to help them harness the power of art and culture. For more information please visit


Speaker and Author: Dr. Robyn Henderson-Espinoza


Dr. Robyn is a Transqueer Activist, Latinx Scholar, and Public Theologian working in the borderland spaces of church, academy, and movements for justice.


Robyn Henderson-Espinoza, PhD has been described in a myriad of ways: a scholar-activist, scholar-leader, thought-leader, teacher, public theologian, ethicist, poet of moral reason, and word artist. Among these ways of describing Dr. Robyn, they are also a visionary thinker who has spent two decades working in the hybrid space of church, academy, & movements seeking to not only disrupt but dismantle supremacy culture by focusing their PhD studies on new concepts of being & becoming, decolonizing knowledge production, & bridging with radical difference.


They enflesh a deep hope of collaborating in these hybrid spaces where their work seeks to contribute to the ongoing work of collective liberation.  Activist Theology as a disciplinary off-shoot of liberation theology & Movement idea has been incubating since 2008 with Dr. Robyn and further developed throughout their doctoral program and engagement with Movement leaders.  Now, Activist Theology has the chance to emerge as a collaborative project.