Zionism as a Colonial Movement – Part 2

Cost: Choose what to pay, starting at $20. The true cost of this workshop is $50/person, which allows us to continue offering programs like this one and pay trainers a fair wage for their time and expertise. Like you, our trainers work hard for change in their communities and have often developed the knowledge, skill and gifts that they are offering through many unpaid hours — let’s support them to be sustainable in their work and craft!

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Trainers: Husam Marajda & Sarah Risheq

Training Length and Type:

2 hours per session  — Connect as an individual (we encourage you to find others in your community who will also sign up so you can work through the material together)

Workshop Offered:

April 18th from 11am-1pm PDT/ 1-3pm CDT/ 2-4pm EDT