Decolonize Yourself

Find out where you are oppressed by others’ assumptions about who you are, and where you are participating in oppressing yourself (internalized oppression) or others. Begin liberating yourself. Understand power and privilege, and learn to be an effective ally.

Create a Cooperative Economy

If you don’t like Amazon, Wells Fargo, and Monsanto, here’s how to create alternatives. How to build cooperatives, support existing local businesses, start sharing networks, swaps, credit unions, and other infrastructure of a new economy.

Participatory Research

How to get access to information from government and corporations. Find out what toxins are in your water, food, soil, or air. Access expertise at local schools or universities. Knowledge is power. Here’s how to get it.

Conflict Resolution

How to diffuse conflicts among would-be collaborators, deal with substantive differences, find agreement or consensus, or to at least move forward.

Finding and engaging others

How do you recruit others where you live, and keep them engaged? How to make community work a celebration, rewarding, meaningful, and deepen a sense of community.